This brand-new Internet picture format delivers lossless and lossy compression quality.

This kind of ICO file frequently consists of a few little image icons with various sizes (16x16, 32x32, & 64x64 pixels) and color depths (16 shades, 32, 64, 128, 256, & so forth).

Used by operating systems with graphical user interfaces to display files and folders.

How can I convert WEBP files into ICO?

To get to the sample page, submit your WEBP file in order to convert it to ICO format.

If you wish to modify and edit your WEBP file, utilize any tools that are available.

Click the "Convert" button, then wait for it to finish.

After that, download the newly created ICO file.

Support for all devices

To WebP is a free, a web-based multi-platform service.

Unique options

The majority of conversion kinds support sophisticated options. You can select the image dimensions and quality.

Free Convert WEBP to ICO Online

.webp allowed.
Additional page content: Editable from the admin panel -> languages -> choose or create language -> translate app page.

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