Google created the WEBP image file in order to optimize websites. WEBP files are designed to make the web faster without sacrificing the quality of pictures we are used to by preserving greater quality and smaller size.

A bitmap file known as a GIF, or graphics interchange format, is quite popular on websites. GIFs are significantly more frequently accepted by numerous applications.

Online WebP to GIF conversion instructions

  1. Simply upload a few of your WEBP photographs to the converter area to begin the conversion procedure.
  2. After that, simply click the "Convert" button, and all of your files are going to be converted right away.
  3. Select the necessary resolution.
  4. You are able to download each of your GIF images separately.

Rapid Conversions

Drag and drop files or post WEBP, and the converter gives you the converted file instantly.

100% Secured

WEBP to GIF images are 100% secure; once converted, the pictures are permanently deleted!

Free Convert WEBP to GIF Online

.webp allowed.
Additional page content: Editable from the admin panel -> languages -> choose or create language -> translate app page.

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