HEIC to PNG Conversion

The creators of MPEG, a well-known music and video compression standard, have created the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC), a brand-new image containers format. Portable Network Group Raster pictures are stored in the graphic format using a compressing method.

HEIC to PNG Conversion Instructions:

  1. Choose your HEIC data by hitting the "Choose Files" option.
  2. To start the conversion process, click the "Convert into PNG" button.
  3. When "Done" appears in the status bar, click the "Save PNG" button.

Easy to Use:

To begin file conversion, just choose one or more files from your system or drag and drop them. It truly is that simple.

Resize and Crop Options:

Set the parameters for the output file's picture quality, resolution (DPI), scaling, cropping, and compression.

Convert Several Files Simultaneously:

Process several iPhone or iPad images simultaneously.

Free Convert HEIC to PNG Online

.heic allowed.
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