HEIC to GIF Conversion

With iOS 11, Apple unveiled an entirely novel image file format called HEIC, or the High Efficiency Image Container. A type of file called GIF is used to store animated images. If you wish to use your HEIC files in a movie.

GIF Conversion of Your HEIC File:

  1. Select your HEIC files by clicking the "Choose Files" button.
  2. Click the "Convert to GIF" button.
  3. When "Done" appears in the progress bar, click the "Download GIF" button.

Data Security:

Your files are entirely secure and only accessible to you. After conversion, all files will be permanently destroyed within two hours.

Quick and Cost-Free:

Two clicks will convert any HEIC files to GIF. You do not have to pay for it either.

Free Convert HEIC to GIF Online

.heic allowed.
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