UUID v4 Generator

A Version 4 UUID is a randomly generated universally unique identification number. This website used a secure generator of random numbers to create the Version 4 UUIDs.

How is UUID used?

To guarantee uniqueness, the Universally Distinctive Identifier employs a 128-bit string of hexadecimal characters. Hexadecimal numbers make up the ID's structure. Referring to the letters A–F and the digits 0–9.

  1. Produce 16 random bytes, which is 128 bits.
  2. Modify a few bits in accordance with RFC 4122.
  3. Use 32 hexadecimal digits to encode the modified data.
  4. To create blocks of 8, 4, 4, 4, & 12 hex numbers, add four hyphen "-" characters.
  5. UUID v4 generator

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