Pound to Kilogram

The pound, also referred to as the pound-mass, is a measure of mass used in US customary measurement systems and British imperial measurement systems. The most common today is the global avoirdupois pound, which is precisely 0.45359237 kilograms.

The fundamental unit of mass in the World System of Units, usually referred to as the metric system, is the kilogram, written as kg. It is sometimes referred to as a kilo and is a regularly used unit of measure in research, engineering, and industry across the globe.

How Do You Convert Lbs Into Kg?

There are simply a few stages involved in converting pounds to kilograms:

  1. The value (lbs) must first be entered into the calculator's input area.
  2. The calculator's "Convert" button is clicked in the second step to start the conversion.
  3. Finally, the display will show the value translated from pounds to kilograms.

Pounds to Kilograms

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