Free Online Morse Code Converter

Use "." for a dot & "-" or "_" for a dash to enter Morse code in the top box. Words and letters are distinguished by a slash ("/"), respectively. The bottom box will display the text translation. A "#" will show up in the output if a letter can't be translated.

How to Operate Our Morse Code Interpreter

  1. Under "Text Input" text field above, type anything (letters, numbers, or punctuation), or enter morse code.
  2. If you wish to add spaces, use forward slashes (/) or pipes (|) in your code word instead of just writing out the space.
  3. The "Output" field's morse code should be copied.

How can I use a translator for Morse code?

The text is simply entered into the web decoder, where it is instantly transformed into Morse code and displayed for you.

Free Morse Code Converter Online

Additional page content: Editable from the admin panel -> languages -> choose or create language -> translate app page.

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