MD4 Generator

In order to create a special string that may be used as a password or key to protect the NT LAN Manager login in Windows NT, XP, or Vista, an MD4 hash generator with functions is necessary and valuable.

How is MD4 generated?

Enter the Plain and Cypher Text.

Select Online MD4 HASH Generator.

Copy the produced MD4 hash using the Copy to Clipboard feature.

Does MD4 remain in use?

Since Windows 2000, MD4 has been the standard authentication mechanism. Many legacy Windows distributions still utilize MD4 for NTLM or RC4 Kerberos to produce efficient MD4 (passwords).

How safe is MD4?

A secure hash algorithm is not MD4. By 1992, vulnerabilities had been discovered, which prompted Rivest to create MD5, a more robust but faster version.

MD4 generator

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