Gallon vs Liter

A frequently used non-SI unit of measure that is used on a global scale is the liter.

In the framework of imperialism of measurement, the gallon is a volumetric unit that has been designed to determine liquid volumes. The word "gallon" originally came from the Old Northern French term "gallon."

How Do You Convert From Liters To Gallons?

Use a calculator to do the following steps to convert from gallons to liters:

  1. In the input area, specify the volume in gallon units.
  2. To obtain the outcome, click the "Convert" button.
  3. The output field will show the converted volume in liters.

Process and Formula for Converting from Gallon to Liter

A simple tip that you can use in your daily life is converting liters to gallons. You must increase the value in liters by 0.264172 to convert it to gallons.

Liters to Gallons (Imperial)

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