GIF uses a compressing technology that can adapt to 256 colors to store images. Texts may also be included. The operating systems of Microsoft Windows utilize the ICO file extension to store image files. Typically, it includes bitmap pictures.

How can ICO files be converted to GIF?

  1. To select your ICO files, select the "Choose Files" button.
  2. Press "Convert" button.
  3. When "Done" appears in the status bar, select the "Download GIF" button.

Simple to Use

After uploading those ICO files, only click the Convert option.

Finest quality

For the best possible conversions, we employ both freely available and specialized software.

Safe & Free

Anyone with a browser can use our free ICO to GIF Converter.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Additional page content: Editable from the admin panel -> languages -> choose or create language -> translate app page.

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