BCrypt Generator

We can create a platform for password security using the bcrypt hashing technique that scales with computing power yet continually hashes each password with a salt. Niels Provos & David Mazières created the Bcrypt password hashing algorithm, which is based on the Blowfish is cipher. It was first presented at USENIX in June 1999. A cross-platform tool for file encryption is called Bcrypt.

Reasons to use bcrypt when hashing passwords

When compared with various hashing methods, bcrypt requires more time to cipher a password, but the process produces a more secure hash as a result.

Making BCrypt credentials

  1. Type your plain text here.
  2. Choose the Workload/Rounds Cost Ratio.
  3. Choose the resultant string's hash format.
  4. Select "Generate Hash" to produce the hash string.

Passwords for Verify BCrypt

Type the text in Hashed Bcrypt.

To compare, input the plain text.

Bcrypt generator

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